Gazebbo - Live Right

So what does it mean to live right?
With breathtaking view, quality food served daily, professional sailing club for the entire family, and a unique venue for events, the Gazebbo undoubtedly gives each and every one what they need to live right.

Wake up in the morning, exercise, sip on a healthy smoothie and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Go surfing or sailing, come back to a healthy and refreshing lunch, watch a magnificent sunset with a glass of champagne in your hand… and feel good about yourself. Such a daily routine is not a dream and it doesn’t only happen when you’re on a luxurious holiday, your day could look like this, every day, If you just wish so.

When it comes to once-in-a-life-time events, the Gazebbo is without a doubt the ultimate answer to the perfect event….. Events at the Gazebbo put an emphasis on the experiential aspect, and so, you can combine your event with endless attractions from the water sports in which the Gazebbo specializes. All activities are delivered by a qualified staff of skilled surfers and sailors, who live and breathe the sea from childhood and greatly contribute to instilling the love of water sports among many. From business events that combine marine activities for employees, to private, magical and romantic events.

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