The SUP, AKA paddle board, is no longer merely a fleeting trend.
The SUP is a “the gym of the sea”, combining aerobics with the tranquility of the sea and the waves.The SUP is a surfboard with a paddle used for distance paddling or surfing.

What is unique about the SUP is that it’s big and wide so that anyone can successfully and easily paddle with no special abilities or skills.

Paddling is performed standing up, this involves many of the muscles at the same time:

Feet, Bottom, Back, Shoulders, Hands, and most importantly, the abdominal and core muscles that hold our bodies together.

Paddling a SUP improves stability and balance.


The SUP class includes three hour-long private lessons.During the class we will learn:

– Proper paddling technique
– Optimal use of muscles while paddling long distances to maintain energy
– Knowledge of the sea, erosion, wind and waves
– Water safety

On days when there is a SUP lesson, participants free use of the SUP throughout the day.
The class can one-on-one or in groups. Classes can be held on any day of the week, from 7am to sundown.


We invite extreme sport enthusiasts to catch waves with the SUP, just like a regular surfboard.
The size of the SUP and the fact it has a paddle, makes it easier to learn how to surf so you can discover a new world in no time. The size of the SUP allows us to enjoy even small waves which regular surfers can’t. The best way to learn surfing on a SUP is by starting with a large SUP on small waves and gradually transitioning to larger waves with smaller SUPs.

During the three hour-long lessons we will learn about the world of waves, how they break and how to catch and ride them.During the class we will work on stability and balance on a SUP, and learn the SUP surfing technique (where and how to stand on the board).

With waves, paddling technique is very important because it generates speed and serves as a rotation axis. Above all, it helps maintain balance while surfing. The paddling technique is very important on a SUP and often when people attempt to learn surfing on a SUP without learning this technique, they find it very difficult and their progress is slow.

All participants in the SUP surfing class will enjoy free use of the club’s SUPs and will be able to practice on the days of their lessons.

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